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Look no further than Potwin Pet Clinic for your dog or cat's pain management treatments. Our doctors provide full spectrum pain management options, including nutritional supplements, diets, acupuncture, laser therapy and pain medication.


Come into our clinic for your pet's complete assessment. Based on our findings, we'll make the decision to use laser therapy or acupuncture, or to employ both methods. Each session takes about 15 minutes. We'll start on a weekly schedule to monitor your pet's progression and adjust as needed.


Acupuncture can be used not only for easing pain but also for treating a wide variety of problems your animal may be experiencing. Its main purpose is pain management with laser therapy, but you could be prescribed medication for your pet to use as well.


All various treatment options will be done in the office with your pet awake. Contact us to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

Relieve your pet's pain with targeted therapy treatments

Effective laser therapy after any type of surgery

  • Pain management for post-surgical pet patients

  • Arthritis

  • TPLO surgery

  • Cranial cruciate ligament surgery

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